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The baby animal eyes are available in two versions:

- WITH A PLASTIC PEG to attach the eye by means of a plastic washer (please see below)

- WITH A WIRE LOOP for sewing on.

The 4 mm eyes come with a straight wire pin 0.8 mm in diameter and 12 mm long. You can easily bend this pin into a loop of the size and form you need.

The plastic peg on 4 to 8 mm eyes is 2 mm thick and 8 mm long with smooth surface.

Unfortunately, we don't have suitable washers for 4 to 8 mm eyes and therefore we recommend ordering them with a loop.

The plastic peg on 9 - 14 mm eyes is 4 mm thick and 12 mm long with ribbed surface. These eyes are attached with our plastic washers #10.

The plastic peg on 15 mm eyes (and all larger sizes) is 6 mm thick and 14 mm long with threaded surface. We offer a wide range of washers for these eyes.

Please leave us a comment to your order, and we will help you to choose proper washers for your eyes.

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