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ЛА Окунь малоротый 2
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How about a great version of the perch eye, one of the best on the market? We have something you might be interested in. The Perch 2 eye can be a good choice for both competition and commercial taxidermy projects. Having a drop-shaped black pupil with a tiny yellow edging, and a modulating iris, featuring orange and light-brown shades, this eye is true in shape, size and coloration. The eyes are cast from polyether resins (similar to acrylic) using our own patented technology that ensures extreme hardness, chemical stability, and heat resistance. The eyes can be dry-cleaned, treated with most organic solvents, and heated to 130 degrees Celsius (about 260 degrees Fahrenheit) for about 20 minutes. The iris and pupil are digitally printed, which allows us to create very complex images. The image is refracted by the strong lens in a special way, creating the unique effect of a real eye. On the back side of the eye, there is a ribbed plastic peg that helps position and set the eye on a mold. It can be removed if not needed.

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