Countries We Currently Ship to

Here's the list of countries we can currently ship to. Shipment to other countries are on hold. Orders to those countries will be shipped once the mail service is back to normal.

Austria yes yes
Albania yes yes
Algeria yes Letters and priority parcels
Anguilla no non-priority parcels
Angola yes Letters
Andorra no Letters
Argentina yes Letters and priority parcels
Armenia yes yes
Aruba yes non-priority parcels
Bangladesh yes non-priority parcels
Barbados yes no
Bahrain yes no
Belgium yes yes
Benin yes Letters and priority parcels
Bulgaria yes yes
Bosnia and Herzegovina yes yes
Brazil yes yes
Burkina Faso yes Letters
Burundi no Letters
Butane yes Letters
Vanuatu no non-priority parcels
Vatican no parcels
Hungary yes yes
American Virgin islands no Letters
Gabon yes Letters
Haiti yes non-priority parcels
Guyana yes no
Gambia yes no
Ghana yes Letters
Guadeloupe no Letters and priority parcels
Guatemala yes no
Guinea yes priority parcels
Guinea Bissau no parcels
Germany yes yes
Gibraltar yes Letters
Hong Kong yes yes
Grenada yes no
Greenland no Letters and priority parcels
Greece yes yes
Georgia yes yes
Guam no Letters
Denmark yes yes
Djibouti yes no
Dominica yes priority parcels
Egypt yes yes
Zambia yes Letters
Zimbabwe yes Letters
Israel yes no
India yes yes
Indonesia yes no
Jordan yes yes
Iraq no yes
Iceland yes no
Spain yes yes
Italy yes yes
Kazakhstan yes yes
Cameroon yes Letters and priority parcels
Canada yes yes
Qatar yes Letters and priority parcels
Kenya yes Letters и non-priority parcels
Cyprus yes no
Kiribati no non-priority parcels
China (People’s Rep.) yes yes
Colombia yes Letters и non-priority parcels
Comoros yes Letters
Congo Democratic Republic yes Letters
Republic of the Congo yes Letters
Democratic People's Republic of Korea no priority parcels
Korea (Rep) yes yes
Kosovo no non-priority parcels
Costa Rica yes non-priority parcels
Cote D'Ivoire yes Letters and priority parcels
Kuwait yes Letters
Kyrgyzstan yes yes
Curacao yes no
Curacao no Letters
Latvia yes yes
Lesotho no Letters
Liberia no Letters
Liberia yes no
Lebanon no yes
Lithuania yes yes
Luxembourg yes yes
Mauritius yes Letters
Mauritania yes no
Madagascar yes Letters
Mayotte no priority parcels
Macau yes no
North Macedonia yes yes
Malawi yes Letters
Malaysia yes yes
Mali yes Letters and priority parcels
Maldives yes no
Malta yes parcels
Morocco yes Letters and priority parcels
Martinique no Letters
Mexico yes yes
Mozambique no Letters
Moldova yes yes
Monaco yes yes
Montserrat no parcels
Namibia yes Letters
Nauru no non-priority parcels
Nepal yes no
Niger yes priority parcels
Nigeria yes Letters
Netherlands Antilles (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba) no Letters
Netherlands yes yes
Nicaragua yes no
Norway yes yes
United Arab Emirates yes yes
Pakistan yes Letters и non-priority parcels
Panama yes no
Peru yes no
Poland yes yes
Portugal yes yes
Reunion no non-priority parcels
Russian Federation yes yes
Rwanda yes Letters и non-priority parcels
Romania yes yes
Salvador yes no
Sao Tome and Principe yes no
Seychelles no Letters
Saint Pierre and Miquelon no priority parcels
Senegal yes no
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines yes parcels
Saint Kitts and Nevis no non-priority parcels
Saint lucia no parcels
Serbia yes yes
Singapore yes yes
Sint martin yes Letters and non-priority parcels
Slovakia yes yes
Slovenia yes yes
United Kingdom yes yes
Solomon islands no non-priority parcels
Sudan yes Letters
Suriname yes Letters
United States of America yes yes
Sierra leone yes no
Tajikistan yes yes
Thailand yes yes
Taiwan yes no
Tanzania yes Letters
Turks and Caicos yes Letters
Togolese Republic yes Letters and priority parcels
Trinidad and Tobago yes no
Tunisia yes Letters
Turkey yes yes
Uganda yes Letters
Uzbekistan yes yes
Ukraine yes yes
Uruguay yes Letters and priority parcels
Faroe islands no Letters and priority parcels
Philippines yes no
Finland yes yes
Falkland Islands no parcels
France yes yes
French Guiana no Letters and priority parcels
French Polynesia yes no
Croatia yes yes
Central African Republic yes Letters and priority parcels
Chad yes priority parcels
Montenegro yes yes
Czech Rep. yes yes
Chile yes parcels
Switzerland yes yes
Sweden yes yes
Ecuador yes no
Equatorial Guinea yes non-priority parcels
Eritrea no Letters
Estonia yes yes
South Africa yes yes
Japan yes yes
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