Buffon's Macaw


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Ара большой солд / Buffons Macaw
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Our bird eyes are made with the highest precision. The realistic eye patterns taken from those of real birds would make a good option for your new taxidermy mount. Our Buffon's Macaw model is one of over 300 stars in our galaxy of bird eyes. Having a medium-sized round pupil with somewhat uneven edge and a chatoyant iris with olive and light gray shades in it, this eye is true in shape, size and coloration. The iris and pupil are digitally printed, which allows us to produce very complex images. The image is refracted by the strong lens in a special way, forming the unique effect of a real eye. On the back side of the eye, there is a ribbed plastic peg that helps position and set the eye on a mold. It can be easily removed if not needed.

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