The eyes are with very good price and excellent quality! I will continue buy from here.
Great Product! Excellent quality and price. Highly recommended.
Oci su pekne som spokojny aj ceny su dobre.Tesim sa na dalsiu spolupracu.
Thank you taxidermy.by! It was a pleasure to communicate with you. From now on, I'll order eyes for my work from you.
I use Live Eyes for all my taxidermy needs. I can especially recommend the drop-shaped retina eyes for big game. The eyes are really beautiful, you can also find the exact size for your specimen. They are light-weight and the prices are good.
I highly recommend getting the eyes you require from here. Very high quality.
Absolutely love the eyes. Just what I have been searching for!! These eyes are hard to find. Thank You so much!!!!
Добрый вечер!
Посылку получил-большое спасибо.Товар отличный!
С Уважением А.Прошин
I love your eyes! And the price is very good! I will never buy any other eyes again! Thank you for your product and the excellent service!
The service from Taxidermy.by is very prompt and the trout fish eyes are excellent quality and good value.
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