We received eyes in very good condition. The eyes are very beautiful, their aesthetic quality is perfect!
Very happy with the ordering process and the eyes are the best I have worked with.
Very nice.. will order again
I have had 3 orders from Live Eyes and have always been extremely happy with the product and the professional service. I would recommend them to all Taxidermists,
I've been ordering glassfish eyes for the last five years from several companies. The eyes from this company are of excellent quality and much more affordable. I will order from them again and again.
Very nice eyes.. will order again
Live eye are best on the market the website is easy to use the fact you can chose the eye you want and chose the size is like no other supplier. I use live eyes in all my mounts they are a very natural colour and most of all shape. The time at Live eyes are very helpful and I would recommend this company to everybody
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