is a manufacturer of high-quality eyes for taxidermy.

We offer over 600 types of eyes for animals, birds, fish and reptiles in sizes from 4 to 100 mm.

We also produce artificial tongues and jawsets.

We ship worldwide and have customers in over 20 countries. Just give us a try!

Mammal Eyes

Bird Eyes

Fish Eyes

Reptile Eyes

Tongues and Jawsets

Very nice realistic eyes, great service. Thank you!
Глазки для совы очень понравились , дошли быстро .Спасибо!!!
Some of the best eyes I have ever used; beautifully made, and with a depth and vibrancy that makes them stand out from the rest. Colours are good, they give great value for money and are delivered surprisingly quickly.
Highly recommended!
Great items. I tried a new model and they are as realistic as the previous ones. Excellent service, you order and your order arrive without snapping. Price are goods, don't change please.
Глазки отличного качества, смотрятся реалистично! Петелька крепкая и надежная! Очень довольна! Спасибо большое!
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